Bill Pramuk

Bill Pramuk Arborist - Bill Pramuk, RCA #409, is an independent Registered Consulting Arborist, professionally dedicated to helping people with tree care issues. After 33 years of work in retail and wholesale nurseries, landscaping, landscape pest management and as a professional arborist he began his own practice as a consulting arborist. Possessing a unique combination of skills and experience, Bill is able to take on a wide range of tree-related challenges and help to resolve them for his clients.Bill Pramuk, Consulting Arborist

Bill is a Registered Consulting Arborist and a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Certified

Arborist. He helps people solve all sorts of tree related problems. Clients have included single-family homeowners, HOA’s, private and public agencies, businesses, attorneys, insurance companies, and municipalities.

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